Our company ROXYCLE factory since 1965 year. Production of carbon fiber products since 1981,

a number of carbon fiber factory and brand. 2005 Agent the import composite material.

ASIA SEIKO state-of-the-art materials and technology can provide the complete service.

ROXYCLE composite is a manufacturer of made to order products from light weight structural composite materials.

Our mission is to support our clients,through precision,innovation and passion,in their efforts to satisfy the durability,security and lightness

ROXYCLE 工廠起始於1965年。

ROXYCLE 品牌創辦人過去經歷具有碳纖工廠製造技術背景,經歷選手自行車身涯,


ROXYCLE 碳纖生產工廠歷史起源1965年,也是台灣最早的碳纖產品製造廠。



ROXYCLE 在近年榮獲亞洲冠軍與打破國內最多國家冠軍紀錄。OEM 也創下許多世界冠軍賽事.